2017 Guitar Body Octave Mandolins Completed.

We finished up the four guitar body octaves for 2017.  The first one featured a solid carved European spruce top and a highly figured red maple back, neck and side set.  This tone wood combo gave the instrument a nice clean and punchy sound.   Scale length on these octaves were 21.5 inches.  This one was sent to The Music Emporium and found a home immediately.  Pictures courtesy of The Music Emporium.  Check out the link to view additional pictures and video clips.  Pictures and video

The second instrument featured a reclaimed “bog” western red cedar top that we obtained from Bruce over at Orcas Island Tonewoods.  We’ve used a lot of this cedar and absolutely love it.  Back, side and neck were red maple.  The combination gave it a nice deep tone without loosing the high end clarity.  This instrument found a home in NY.


The third instrument is our “Studio” model octave.  It featured a European spruce top paired with a Sapele back and side set.  This combo gave the instrument a nice mellow voice perfect for accompaniment, but with still enough power to cut through and take a solo.  This one is at The Music Emporium and is available at the time of this writing.  Photos courtesy of The Music Emporium.  Follow this link to see additional pictures:  Additional pictures


The fourth and final instrument in this batch featured a red spruce top and a one piece red maple back.  Plenty of volume from this box.  Nice dry woody sound with excellent note definition and clarity.  This one went to a gentleman that lives in our town, which makes Glocester RI the highest concentration of Girouard Guitar Body Octaves in the country, as there is another individual in town who owns one!!

We are starting a new batch of GBOM’s in the next few weeks so stay tuned……………..

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